Barack Obama, Michelle Shearer, Arne DuncanWe recently read a wonderful interview in Education Week of 2011 National Teacher of the Year Michelle Shearer. What a wonderful inspiration for teachers, students and for the field education!

In the interview Michelle talks about a wide range of issues, but as she has a chemistry degree from Princeton and she teaches AP Chemistry in high school, understandably she has a big passion for STEM. She discusses her own experiences and the importance of attracting more female students and students with special needs to science, technology, engineering and math. “STEM is not just four subject areas. It’s a set of skills, habits of mind. It’s problem-solving, creativity, collaboration, communication — all these skills that are going to apply to any number of careers.”

Because Why Science is focused on STEM education we naturally felt the need to highlight this interview. Hopefully you will have a chance to read Michelle’s words for yourself and perhaps even share some of your own thoughts about her, her approach and what she has managed to accomplish here on our site.

Parting thought from us: Keep up the great work Michelle!


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