YouTube LogoBringing STEM into the home is always a big challenge for parents, so one idea we’d like to introduce to you today is to utilize the popular video sharing site YouTube to help encourage your children to be excited about STEM concepts. Because Why Science provides and supports STEM learning innovations for the K-12, we are going to focus this post on how best to foster enthusiasm for STEM concepts through YouTube, but you should feel free to take this concept into other academic areas as well.

The idea is pretty straight forward but the results can breathtaking. Sit down with your child, visit YouTube and search for terms that you both think might be applicable to what your child is learning in his or her science class and also relevant to their curriculum. What is so great about this particular exercise is that it will provide you and your child with a great opportunity to talk about the science areas, to share some nice experiences and to reinforce the value of STEM education in your household. Should your child be younger or should you have some concerns, you might consider pre-screening the videos in advance to make sure you are comfortable with the content.

In terms of learning, video offers a great opportunity as it is a visual experience rather than a written one. YouTube offers a wonderful opportunity to explore and to be exposed to a wide variety of new ideas and scientific concepts in a very visual manner.

Below you can see some of the results we chose to highlight. So here, courtesy of YouTube are a few videos that we thought were fun, interesting and inspiring. Please be sure to share your own selections as well!

YouTube Term: Science Experiment. By the way, this one is a really easy one to do at home!

This one is a mushroom on time lapse. We originally started with construction time lapse, but nature was a little more interesting this time.

While we like math, for this one we went a little further. YouTube Term: Fractals. This one is just fun to get lost in. Math!

YouTube Term: Hubble Telescope. Truly humbling to see not only what man is able to see, but also how much there is to see!

Again, have fun with as the purpose is to make science and math learning fun and engaging. Hopefully you will come across a few really nice and riveting videos as you run through YouTube and in the process you will be able to find some really nice common ground from which your child and you can share a great STEM experience!

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