As many 3.6 million homes and businesses on the East Coast of the United States lost electricity as Hurricane Irene swept through the region over the weekend, causing at least 20 deaths and widespread flooding. Below are some highlights of Irene’s cup.

  • New York City escapes the worst of the storm. Financial Markets Will Be Open Monday After Dodging Worst of Irene’s Wrath Bloomberg (08/28)
  • Hurricane Irene shuts down two nuclear reactors. Oyster Creek Power Plant in New Jersey was shut down on Saturday and Maryland nuclear reactor was taken off-line after wind-borne debris caused damage to a transformer. Guardian (8/28)
  • Hurricane Irene Cup: $ 7 billion in damage. The hurricane’s destructive path through 10 East Coast states left an estimated $7 billion to $13 billion of damage in its wake — without even accounting for economic losses. ABC News (8/28)

Understanding Hurricanes:

  • What is a hurricane?
  • How is the strength of a hurricane classified?
  • Where do they occur?
  • Can we control the strength of hurricanes?
  • Where can I find comprehensive educational resources to learn more about hurricanes?

Click here for facts and resources to help you answer these questions and learn more about hurricanes.





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