Many agree that a well-rounded education is crucial to competing in the global marketplace of the 21st century, and that the curriculum should include not only foundational subjects like reading, math and science. The reality, however, is that subjects like history, civics, foreign language and the arts fight hard for a place in the day-to-day curriculum — and not always successfully.  This first digital edition of ASCD  policy priorities for premium members focuses on the importance of a well-rounded education.  Important topics in this special digital issue  include:

  • Strategies for refocusing No Child Left Behind
  • Federal government’s curricular funding should refocus on spurring innovation
  • What top nations teach their students.
  • College and Career Readiness – An ASCD Perspective
  • Why science and math are part of a well-rounded curriculum.
  • The essential value of Arts education.
  • Yes We Can! State Standards are just a first step.

Access the issue here



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