2008 – 2018 Projections

Fastest-growing and highest paying jobs require some postsecondary education in science and math!

What is a college degree worth?

Petroleum Engineering is by far the highest earning Bachelor’s degree major with median earnings of $120,000 and 75th percentile earnings of $189,000. This is followed by Pharmacy Pharmaceutical Sciences and Administration with median earnings of $105,000 and Mathematical and Computer Science with median earnings of $98,000.

Employment Outlook for High Paying Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Jobs:

  • Employment in professional, scientific, and technical services is projected to grow by 34 percent, adding about 2.7 million new jobs by 2018.
  • Employment in computer systems design and related services is expected to increase by 45 percent, accounting for nearly one-fourth of all new jobs in this industry sector. Employment growth will be driven by growing demand for the design and integration of sophisticated networks and Internet and intranet sites.
  • Employment in management, scientific, and technical consulting services is anticipated to expand at a staggering 83 percent, making up about 31 percent of job growth in this sector. Demand for these services will be spurred by businesses’ continued need for advice on planning and logistics, the implementation of new technologies, and compliance with workplace safety, environmental, and employment regulations.

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