We are delighted to sponsor your Green Careers workshop at Metropolitan Business Academy says Lynn Smith, Vice President, Start Community Bank. Lynn Smith writes, “One of our key missions in that vibrant community is to teach financial capability – not just teaching about money and money management, but providing real hands-on access to bank products. There are 1,374,000 households in Connecticut, and 5.3% of those households are unbanked, and 15.2% are underbanked.

We believe that if we give young adults the tools with the access, we can change those unbanked and underbanked numbers. In order to manage money, they have to learn how to make money. We know that the jobs of the 21st century will be centered in the STEM areas – science, technology, engineering and math. Furthermore, we truly believe that employers of the future will want workers who have knowledge — but more importantly who have logic ability and good decision making skills. This is why we feel that the focus of Why Science is so important – because you teach logic, reasoning, deduction, and decision making as a part of your scientific experiments. By supporting young people in their quest for high-value good paying jobs, we are in effect creating our customers of the future.”


Why Science would like to express its sincere thanks to START Community Bank for sponsoring the Feb 18 Green Careers workshop for 10th grade students at Metropolitan Business Academy.  Thanks to Principal Judy Puglisi, Assistant Principal James Moseley, and the science teachers at Metropolitan Business Academy, a passion for science, problem-solving and learning has been ignited in the students who participated in the workshop. Special thanks to the science teachers who took the time to help and supervise students during the workshop. We could not have done it without you!


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