Why Science was featured on CPTV/WNPR  morning business report 8:06 am EST March 7, 2011.  The radio program “Incubator Assists Small Business in New Haven” was broadcast in many towns across the state of CT including Hartford/New Haven, Norwich/New London, Stamford/Greenwich, Storrs and Southampton. Here is an excerpt of WHY SCIENCE CEO & Founder’s (Akpalu) interview with Andrew Huston. “Being in CTech has been very helpful because I have access to business professionals ranging from human resources to financial who can help me with the start-up phase. I’m not at the stage where I can hire a lot of people…the ultimate goal is I just want to hire lots and lots of people.”

Audio: Incubator Assists Small Businesses In New Haven

Click here for more details and to read a transcript of the program


2 Responses to Incubator assists small businesses in New Haven

  1. David says:

    Congratulations Yvonne. CTech sounds like a great program and I’m sure they feel fortunate to have you as a member.

  2. Dr. Yvonne Akpalu says:

    Thank you David for your post!

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