WHY SCIENCE Green Careers program was featured in a New Haven  Independent article “Kevin Cracks the Code”  on Feb 21, 2011.  This article by Melinda Tuhus gives a vivid account of the problem solving adventures and experiences during a Green Careers workshop for high school students at Metropolitan Business Academy.  Melinda writes, [Kevin] Grimes was one of 15 sophomores in an 8 a.m. science class led Friday by Yvonne Akpalu, a doctor of polymer science and engineering … Grimes said he’d never done such an experiment before. “I liked working with it [the materials],” he said. Asked his favorite subject, he said, “English, but this made me more interested in science.”

WHY SCIENCE would like to thank START Community Bank for sponsoring the workshop. Thanks to Principal Judy Puglisi, Assistant Principal James Moseley, and the science teachers at Metropolitan Business Academy, a passion for science, problem-solving and learning has been ignited in the students who participated in the workshop. Special thanks to the science teachers who took the time to help and supervise students during the workshop. We could not have done it without you!

Read Full Article “Kevin Cracks the Code” at the New Haven Independent Website.


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