Waiting for Superman is a powerful and heart-wrenching film that shows how our schools fail to educate our kids and leave the future of our country to those who have money, or for the rest, a pure luck of the draw.

Although the film is very informative about our nation’s problem, it is sketchy on practical solutions that will help both students who are in the educational system and those who are excluded.  If the U.S wants to compete globally, Charter schools are not the only answer for the disenfranchised segments of our population. One area of concern is that educational practices used to help at risk or economically disadvantaged kids can hamper a child’s natural curiosity and creativity. How can a child develop their natural curiosity and creativity for leadership, discovery and innovation in STEM without several hours of structure or unstructured play each day?  No playtime means no freedom to explore, learn from trials, and learn how to figure things out!

Solving our nation’s growing education problem requires holistic policies that will collectively motivate public, charter and private schools to provide an education that will help our students succeed in the 21st Century global workforce. We the general public also need to recognize the need for these policies, and what we can do to help increase student achievement and participation in the sciences.  Fortunately, Waiting for Superman has sparked a national debate on education that will help all of us make the right choices on our school boards, and in the polling place.  In order to solve our education problem, we need all teachers and the organizations that represent them On Board!  Without the passion and innovation of our teachers we cannot to prepare and inspire the scientific leaders, innovators and discoverers of tomorrow. It is imperative that we must find mutually beneficial ways to work with our teachers and unions to solve our nation’s growing education problem.  When we do this, America will regain its winning edge.  Happy Thanksgiving!


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