We had a great turnout for the WHY SCIENCE session at the CSTA conference last week—standing room only!  Thanks to everyone who helped make it a tremendous success.

Everyone learned a lot about how to plan and deliver standards-based hands-on & minds-on lessons that will motivate students to learn.  I was so glad to be able to share some great techniques and ideas with so many teachers there.  Here are some of the activities we did:

  • Using the WHY SCIENCE lesson strategy and planning tools, explore some of the best ways to connect curriculum elements to content goals for scientific literacy, scientific inquiry & numeracy, and teach 21st Century skills to students.
  • Sharing strategies for developing and delivering lesson plans designed to engage students at different grade levels immediately.
  • Practicing hands-on, minds-on activities from the WHY SCIENCE Playbook to help us test how these activities will work in real classrooms.

Thanks again to those who gave their time and energy to make the CSTA session titled “Increase Engagement in Science!” so great; it made it a very special session for me and I was so glad to share the day with you!


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