Last weekend on the nation’s mall in Washington DC, over a million people celebrated the fun and wonder of science and engineering at the USA Science & Engineering Festival.  Events like this are great opportunities for kids of all ages to see how fun it can be and how important it is to support, nurture and participate in the activities of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).

Kicking off the festival, there was a Science Fair at the White House that recognized the winners of our nation’s top science and technology competitions. Then, throughout the weekend, all along our National Mall, booth after booth offered kids in particular the opportunity to play with the toys of today’s scientists.  These “toys” included petri dishes full of mystical organic matter, beakers with billowing clouds of gas pouring from their tops, robotic arms and robots you get in, gyroscopes, computers, lasers, labcoats, electrical circuit boards and a ton of other experimental and experiential toys of the scientist’s trade .

The toys of the scientist may be different than the toys found in your typical toyroom, but the fun factor was just as high. In order for us to increase engagement in science and close the achievement gap for the innovators of tomorrow, we need more celebrations like this.

Consider starting a celebration in your community.  Just see how fun it can be, by watching this fun video recapping the festivities enjoyed by all.


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