Come visit our new website, and find tons of resources for all your teaching needs!

We’re proud to announce the launch of our core website, designed to support the unmet needs of science teachers in the K-12 grades.  It is meant to inspire innovative teaching and creativity for tomorrow’s scientists by empowering science educators today.

One of the resources you will find at the website is a substantial list of  online resources for science teachers.  Here’s why we have done this.

Teachers are very busy people, often wrestling the demands of the classroom with administrative, community duties.  The teachers in my workshops are looking for ways to fulfill their creative desires to teach what they think their students need.  For our best and seasoned teachers, finding effective ways to engage students matter a lot!

As I was preparing to offer a workshop to teachers in this past May, I wanted to make sure that I supported the teachers with on-going resources that would be helpful in their work to inspire an interest in science.  My research showed that are over 1000 teacher ranked classroom lesson websites.

I wrestled with the following issues:

  • There are so many potential resources out there for teachers so why do we have a problem with science education?
  • Why do teachers continue to tell us that they lack the right resources to deliver engaging science lessons in their classrooms?

To address this fundamental issue, WHY SCIENCE has created  an e-Library with the intent of communicate this key message to teachers  –  The scientific community has created excellent resources freely available to help you deliver engaging science lessons and fulfill state and national science standards.  The task, then, is simply to make those resources more visible to our teachers.

The WHY SCIENCE e-Library  is carefully selected collections of resource we feel embody many of the best practices in science education, teacher education, classroom resources and other resources that support the delivery of engaging science lessons in any classroom.  It is simple and easy to use so all teachers (grades K through 12) can use the resource. Get your copy by contacting us!

If you have any suggestions for additions, please feel free to contact me directly.  We’d love to hear what resources you are using.


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