One of the educational crises of our time is the decline of students pursuing careers in science, technology, engineering & mathematics (STEM).

How can we compete globally if we cannot inspire curiosity and innovation in our nation’s youth?

We understand that teachers today are looking for state-approved programs that help them spark long-term interest in science while developing children’s critical thinking abilities, creativity and problem-solving skills.

That’s why WHY SCIENCE exists!

WHY SCIENCE provides consulting, training and development programs to those looking for professional development in teaching science curriculum at every grade school level.  Our programs deliver:

  • Stronger Student Participation: Effective teaching strategies that meet state and national standards that result in higher student engagement and interest
  • Better Test Scores: Hands-on, minds-on science lessons that promote higher retention levels amongst students.
  • More Confident Teachers: Fundamental mastery of scientific principles and their everyday applications ensures growth and learning for both teacher and student.

Our company offers innovative professional development workshops of science and engineering curriculum that teachers can instantly implement in their classrooms to deliver memorable, high-quality science educational experiences that meet state and national science standards, such as:

  • Why Plastics?
  • Earth First
  • Save Lives

Teachers who have already participated in previous WHY SCIENCE workshops report that the WHY SCIENCE teaching & learning experience greatly their mastery of scientific concepts and confidence in teaching science. Click here to learn more!

Classroom workshops or Individual consulting available!

WHY SCIENCE staff also works individually with teachers to provide holistic solutions to ensure students’ learning success and help achieve educational goals, including:

  • Curriculum Design and Development
  • Program Direction and Management
  • Industrial Outreach Management
  • Instructor Mentoring Programs
  • Fundraising and Sponsorship Development

Schedule a workshop today to change your results this fall!

I came away with a deeper understanding of science and technology concepts presented which I can now pass on to my students.  I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and wish there could be more of them.

– L. A. High School Science Teacher, New Haven, CT


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